Pet Surgery in Parker, CO

Any time a pet needs to go under anesthesia for a surgical procedure, it can be stressful for the pet and the family. We try to make pet surgery as stress-free as possible for you at Inspire Animal Hospital in Parker, CO. We like to make sure you are fully informed about the procedure and necessary aftercare, to help you rest assured that your pet is receiving the best care possible.

Types of Pet Surgery We Perform

Here are some of the main types of pet surgery offered at Inspire Animal Hospital:

  • Neuters and laparoscopic spays
  • Minimally invasive biopsies
  • Growth and mass removals
  • Eye and ear surgery
  • Abdominal and soft tissue procedures
  • Other Laparoscopic surgery including gastropexies, liver biopsies, cryptorchid neuter, and bladder stone removal (cystoscopy).

Pet Surgery in Parker, CO

What to Expect

Before Your Pet’s Surgery

Your pet will go through different diagnostic testing prior to the surgery taking place. This helps to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and that surgery is the best course of action. Blood tests are typically done to look at organ function and cell counts. These pre-surgical tests are all done to help assess your pet’s ability to endure the surgery.

The staff at Inspire Animal Hospital will explain everything that you need to know and do before the operation. In some cases, we will instruct you to restrict food and water for a certain amount of time before surgery. We will also explain everything that happens during and after the operation.

Pet Surgery in Parker, CO

After Your Pet’s Surgery

Pets can usually go home the same day as the routine procedure like spaying, neutering or mass removals. After more invasive surgeries, a 24-hour stay at a care facility might be necessary (we’ll recommend one for you). We will explain all of the after-care precautions you will need to take to help your pet fully heal from the operation. This may include reduced activity levels, pain management, and any short-term dietary changes.

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Inspire Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital in Parker, CO. We are here to help your pets enjoy the best quality of life possible, offering everything from wellness checks to pet surgery. We hope you will contact us for all your pet healthcare needs, and to schedule your next appointment!

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