Pet Ultrasound in Parker, CO

Inspire Animal Hospital uses pet ultrasound as one of our diagnostic tools for animals. This non-invasive and painfree tool lets us examine the internal organs of a pet, without resorting to a more invasive testing. Here is some additional information on pet ultrasound and how we use it as part of our practice.

How Pet Ultrasound Works

A pet ultrasound focuses high-frequency sound waves against the animal’s body. When the sound waves are reflected off of certain types of tissues, the machine generates an image of those tissues on a computer screen. This allows us to examine the shape and architecture of different organs. When attempting to diagnose different disease processes, ultrasound can be a valuable diagnostic tool. It’s often used in conjunction with blood tests, X-rays, and other examination methods.

Why It’s Used

An ultrasound is most useful when diagnosing abdominal and heart problems in pets. It allows us to view the internal organs and look for potential problems.

pet ultrasound in parker co

Here are some areas where pet ultrasound is especially useful for exams:

  • Abdominal organs
  • Reproductive organs
  • Heart
  • Eyes
  • Muscles and tendons
  • Certain structures in the neck

If an animal is experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, urinary problems, fever, unexplained weight loss or another type of abdominal problem, an ultrasound is one of the best options available for reaching a diagnosis — and then recommending the proper course of treatment.

parker co pet ultrasound

What Pet Ultrasound Entails

This is a gentle procedure that does not involve any sort of invasive surgery or pain. A patch of fur may need to be shaved on your pet, in order for the sound waves from the ultrasound probe to achieve proper penetration. We hold the probe against your pet and aim it at the various internal organs to examine them.

An ultrasound can give us great views of the kidneys, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, liver, spleen, and various glands. Checking the size, shape, and position of your pet’s internal organs helps us get closer to diagnosing the underlying problem.

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