Pet Dentistry in Parker, CO

Your dog or cat may not necessarily flash you a smile, but their teeth are still just as important. Pet dentistry is a critical part of your dog or cat’s overall wellness plan. At Inspire Animal Hospital in Parker, CO, we offer pet dental services to keep your dog or cat’s oral health in check.

Preventative Pet Dentistry Protects Your Pet’s Health

Just as you go see a dentist for checkups and get periodic cleanings, your pets can benefit from those same treatments. Regular checkups make sure any small issues are found early and corrected. Regular cleanings at the vet help to decrease the risks of plaque accumulation and decay.

Occasionally, a dog or cat may need more in-depth pet dentistry services, such as an extraction or other treatments. We are equipped to handle the dental care your pet needs in our office. We have dental x-rays and other equipment to take care of whatever problems a pet may have.

How to Care for Your Pet’s Teeth at Home

When you get a new puppy or kitten, its teeth can be snow white and incredibly healthy. However, with age and varied eating habits, your pet’s teeth can accumulate plaque and tartar just as your teeth can. A few ways to keep your pet’s dental health in check at home include:

  • Making sure your pet gets a nutritious diet
  • Using a vet-approved toothbrush to brush your pet’s teeth
  • Keeping an eye on your pet’s oral health

Remember, many signs of dental issues are easy to spot with a little attention and periodic checks at home. Pay attention to things like bad breath, excessive drooling, or even discoloration of the gums. Also, always alert the vet if your pet seems to have problems eating as usual.

Take Care of Your Pet’s Teeth with the Help of our Parker Veterinarian!

If you have yet to start a good pet dentistry routine with your pet, be sure to get started right away to protect your best friend’s oral health for the long term. Reach out to us at Inspire Animal Hospital in Parker, CO to discuss pet dentistry with one of our friendly staff members.

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